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Mix Tape from Kathmandu, Nepal

15 February 2010, Kathmandu, Nepal –

The following few photos are a sample of my first month in Nepal. The rate of festivals in Nepal, political, religious, public and private¬† events is somewhat overwhelming for the senses. This is a random selection of a few moments scattered throughout the month, from Hindu’s Shivaratri to Lhosar, the Lunar New Year celebrations held by the large Tibetan diaspora in Nepal a few days ago via¬† to Buffalo preparation that amazed me during my first week here. Features ‘Trash Town‘ and ‘Water Valley‘, are longer term endeavours on the challenges Nepal is facing on security, governance and environmental levels.

For more in-depth coverage, please visit WwW. STIGMATPHOTO.CoM

Sadhu on Shivaratri

Boudha, KTM, Nepal on Lunar New Year Day

Patan Durbar Square

Preparing Buffalo meet

Friends at Sundhara Tole

Sundhara Tea House

Trash Town

Water Valley

Water Valley

Kids at Mahabudha, Patan, Nepal

Rooftop View

Wedding Season in Nepal

Wedding Season in Nepal



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