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Indian Summer

31st Oct. 09, Quebec City, Canada

The past months have been busy, to say the least. In a mashed sum up of my errands, I’ve been able, most importantly, to complete my M.A. program at the Center for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD) at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London.  Also related to academia, I have continued to work with Professor Kimball (Laval) and been assisting Professor Rao (SOAS), I have also attended the DSEI in London, while continuing to translate for IANSA. I will also be heading to Nepal in January 2010 to work with the UNRCPD in Kathmandu and I am truly thrilled by this opportunity.

On Photojournalism, it has been a spectacular year for Stigmat Photo. The young enterprise is still growing strong and expanding its network overseas while diversifying its work and social involvement at home. Thanks to the enthusiastic support from OFQJ and LOJIQ, we recently traveled to Perpignan with the Stigmat Photo crew for a second consecutive year, to attend and present our work at Visa Pour l’Image . Also,thanks to Karim, AC-Press and Out of Paris Photo,  my work and Renaud Philippe’s has been been presented at the ‘Assises internationales du Journalisme et de l’Information / International Conference on Journalism and Information, co-organized by the European Council,

In a series of posts I’ll review a few notable things of the last months and present what’s coming up on a personal side as well as for Stigmat Photo. I have now traveled back to Canada for a few months leaving London behind, only for a short while. Welcome back on

And while it is much waited for, it doesn’t seem in the end that the infamous Indian Summer is in sight. unfortunately. here’s a cheesy snap to compensate.


Classic Cheesy Shot


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