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Archives – IMF World Bank – Singapore 2006

This blog has provided me with the opportunity to revisit my ‘somewhat’ organized archives of the past 5 years working as a professional (aka paid) photojournalist.

This series is a comeback on the 61st Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Group (WB), held in Singapore from the 11ht to the 16th of September 2006. A record number of over 20,000 delegates and about 300 finance ministers attended. With the high rollers of international finance gathered in aseptic Singapore, many CSO members and listed protesters were banned from entering the country or were never delivered an entry visa. Many held protests and demonstrations in neighbouring Indonesia, in a sidelined CSO summit.

Photo caption: Coming to this finance festival with a certain amount of scepticism towards the while venture, this photo of Paul Wolfowitz was taken in a conference on fighting corruption, […] It is widely documented that He had made the fight against corruption a foremost objective while in post at the WB. Wolfowitz resigned from the WB after allegations of ‘patronage’ over a disproportionate salary increase accorded to Shaha Ali Riza, at the time involved in an extramarital  relationship with Wolfowitz.

Paul Wolfowitz

Paul Wolfowitz


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HE Masoud Barzani, President, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

President Barzani spoke at the London based think-thank Chatham House on March the 12th, 2009. His talk covered a wide array of topic related to the relatively stable Kurd region of Iraq. Besides the aspirations to independence of the region, a good number of questions from the audience were directed, not so surprisingly, towards the potential of oil extraction from Kirkuk (كه‌ركووك, كركوك). The Baba Gurgur oil field near Kirkuk currently produces 1 million barrel per day, accounting for an important part of Iraqi oil export.

HE Masoud Barzani was elected the first president of the Kurdistan Region by the Kurdistan National Assembly in June 2005 and has been leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party since 1979.

FT Readers waiting for HE President Barzani to arrive

Over my shoulder: FT Readers waiting for HE President Barzani to arrive

HE President Barzani

HE President Masoud Barzani

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