At Last, Rain Over Kathmandu Valley

The Image speaks for itself. It’s only the third time in over two months that it rains over Kathmandu Valley. A sight of relief for the residents of the capital.  Besides the obvious temporary relief from ongoing, severe lack of fresh water supply, this natural manifestation comes at a very important time indeed. The preparations are now starting for a festival to be held in a few weeks in Kathmandu and Patan (Lalitpur), south of the Bagmati River, where celebrations will be held and chariot parade will take place for Rato Machindra Nath Jatra, the God of Rain. On the photo, the lightnings fall over two rooftop water tanks.

At Last, Water Over Kathmandu


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  1. hey david,
    antony here.
    we’re still in nepal, til next monday lunchtime…
    any chance of meeting up next monday morning in kathmandu?
    love to meet you.

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